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MyRA Features

Forget the old way of paper-filing and manual handling of your recruitment company. Be in line with your competitors in using the latest technology in recruitment processing.

Many companies are using an applicant tracking system in their office to address their talent acquisition needs and you should have one too.

MyRA is an online applicant tracking system and recruitment software which will help optimize your recruitment process from sourcing applicants, candidate management, and document processing to deployment.

With MyRA, you will be able to...


• Automate job posting

You can post your job opening not only in your MyRA recruitment
job board but also directly into your website.

• Share jobs on social media

Use the power of social media to advertise job openings
in your recruitment and attract more applicants.


• Encode applicant details quicker

Create a database that will help you search and record applicant’s data systematically.

• Powerful candidate sourcing

Find the right group of applicants in your database by matching them to jobs through MyRA’s various filters.

• Connect with applicants

Send bulk emails directly from MyRA using templates


• Schedule interview dates

Efficiently schedule the applicants’ interview date for coordination within your recruitment staff.

• Organize manpower request

Disseminate manpower request to your different recruiters quickly for speed processing.

• Track pre-deployment checklist status

Check which document still needs compliant by your applicant before deployment.

• Monitor accounts

Audit the applicant payments and company expenses for a balanced accounting at the end of the day.


• Create customized and accurate reports

You can monitor the development of each department with reports you can generate in minutes.

• Analyze your business

Understand how your recruitment is performing with MyRA’s detailed reports and see what’s working and what needs work.


• 100% Online

MyRA’s advantage as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is it being 100% cloud-based.

• Have a centralized and digital storage

Applicant documents are neatly filed in an online database making it accessible anytime for your future reference.

• Track pre-deployment checklist status

Check which document still needs compliant by your applicant before deployment.

• Data privacy and ownership

Your database will privately be yours and yours alone.