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Frequently Asked Questions

MyRA or My Recruitment Assistant is your online applicant tracking system for your recruitment business. Its automated scheme will be your help in optimizing your recruitment process to speed up flow from document handling to hiring procedure to candidate deployment.

MyRA’s system also secures vital information that is essential in the smooth running of your recruitment business as it continues to expand and prosper.

No, MyRA can also be used by companies looking to have an automated HR system to assist them in their day to day operations.

Have no fear, MyRA have various choices that can fit your budget depending on the acquisition options that your company is looking at.

Absolutely NOT! MyRA, offers a free no obligation demo so that you will be able to see all of the functionality before making a decision.

We've worked with various companies having legacy systems and we were able to perform data migration services for them. However, checking of your existing system is still needed to gauge the complexity of the work needed.

The number of users who can access MyRA will depend on what type you’ll avail and the capacity of your server.

For queries on how you can avail MyRA, contact us now.