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Choosing the Right Applicant Tracking System: Tips to Help You Decide

 Jun 20, 2019

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Applicant tracking system or ATS is a software designed to automate, streamline and improve the hiring process. Since the recruitment and hiring process should generate the best candidates, an ATS has become a necessity for companies to simplify and fasten recruitment from receiving applications to hiring employees.


But selecting an ATS that will fit your company’s needs is like finding a needle in the haystack. There are many applicant tracking system available, but choosing the right software will be a crucial decision to make. You need to weigh the pros and cons from each ATS against your requirements.


Here are some tips on choosing the right modern applicant tracking system for your business:


  • Your company’s business needs. One critical thing in determining which system would serve your organization’s need is to understand the business requirement of your company. Knowing how will you use the ATS will help you decide which one will be suitable to your company. Remember that what may be applicable to another company may not work well with yours.

  • Scalability of the system. Flexibility is also important when choosing the right applicant system for your company. A scalable ATS that can grow with the company will be able to handle both the rapid growth and scaling down of your recruitment.

  • Smooth and Easy Integration. Integrating your website with your chosen applicant tracking system will allow you to source applicants directly from there. Having an applicant tracking system that can accommodate this and other in-house system will be great to acquire for your company..

  • Fast and Accurate Candidate Search. Getting  your recruiting activity organized is one purpose of the ATS. Its main purpose is for you to be able to search, screen and filter through the huge number of applicants you receive. A good applicant tracking system should provide fast but simple search functionalities, superb screening capabilities and give results that are easy to understand.

  • Consolidated Communication Platform. The ATS you are looking for should have an easy communication that references all emails, messages and phone calls. It should also allow employers to have access to applicant profile and communicate with hiring personnel well. Automated reminders will also help recruitment officer stay on track with interviews and follow ups.

  • A system with support and updates. An applicant tracking system will only be beneficial when it works the way it is supposed to be. Updates are signs of continuous improvements that can be advantageous for your company. Support team that are always available will be good to get you working again when technical glitches occur.


Finding the right ATS for your company may be like finding a needle in the middle of a haystack. But once you find the right one, everything will be as beautiful as you want it to be. The guides mentioned above will help you decide which applicant tracking system will fit your company without entertaining too many demos, saving both your time and effort.