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Why you need an applicant tracking system ike your competitors do

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are great for HR professionals and recruiters, but many are strongly divided.

Some of them believe that it fails to catch all the suitable applicants while others are impressed with its time-saving properties.

Although there are disagreement on the effectiveness of an ATS because it target keywords rather than the candidate skills, it greatly helps the recruiters minimize the size of talent pool without wasting precious time and energy.

So why do you need an ATS, just like your competitors in the industry? Here are the reasons:

• Big and mid-sized companies do it. To be able to review hundreds or thousands of resumes submitted for a job opening posted, an HR officer should read each to see who qualifies and then rank them before submitting the pool to the recruiter. Strenuous labour right? But an ATS will simplify the recruitment process and automate the hiring flow, speeding things up.

• Applicant tracking system save time. From the automated process of sorting through the resumes received, to managing email templates, delegating tasks and generating reports, an ATS takes off much time the recruiters traditionally face.

• 76% of job seekers prefer to apply through a career site. Job seeker’s nowadays go for direct to the point and personalized information and way of communication. This is because most of the job applicants are looking for a career and not just a job.

• ATS improved candidate experience. Applicants are likely to be unsatisfied if they don’t receive regular updates on the status of their application. With so many resumes going through your recruitment company, it may be hard to do this. But an applicant tracking system will let you automate responses so you don’t have to worry about it.

• It boosts employee retention. You may be asking how this could be possible. Well, an ATS help you find a quality match to your job opening quicker, which doesn’t just save time and money. The better the match, the more likely it is for your and the employer to be satisfied with the result. This reduces turnover and helps you in building your name in the recruitment industry.

• An applicant tracking system drive recruiting strategy. With the ability to collect all important data and store it in a centralized database, it will be easy to analyze and come up with useful conclusions that can help build a long-lasting sourcing strategy.

Factors like cost, difficulty of use, level of automation, etc. are still to be evaluated by individual recruitment company for themselves. However, an applicant tracking system have many undeniable benefits which make them attractive for many recruiters.

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