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5 benefits of having your applicant tracking system

In this modern era, it is a good idea to take advantage of the technologically-advanced things around us. But it is still important not to neglect the human touch, as it is inevitable in some fields.

The best option will be to use both - a combination of technology and humanity.

In the world of recruiting, using the new software technology called applicant tracking system is what’s best for every recruitment business out there.

Here are the five benefits of having an applicant tracking system for your recruitment business:

1. Interact with online forms. Job applicants nowadays are looking for vacant positions online, either through a PC or mobile devices. In fact, 9 out of 10 job seekers prefer to search and apply for a job opening online or with a mobile app.

According to, the number of mobile phone users worldwide in 2016 is estimated to be 4.61 billion and will increase to 4.77 by 2017.

With this huge digits, applicant tracking system are digital resources for the growing digital world. It is a necessary software to collect online applications for your recruitment company.

2. Streamline the application process. Finding that qualified applicant for the job opening can be strenuous to any HR personnel. Not only do the initial rounds of the recruitment process are difficult, it also means stacks of paperworks and long list of information to handle. But with an applicant tracking system having a single database, all these vital data are consolidated and is accessible only to people with the right credentials.

3. Pull the best applicant for your recruitment client. Selecting the best candidate that fits your client’s request is what the application process is all about. But it is hard work and takes a lot of time. Having an applicant tracking system will help you sort out the thousands of recruitment applicants and separate the best among the rest.

4. Beneficial to both applicants and recruitment company. As the hiring management of your business improves, it becomes easier for job candidates to apply and submit their resumes. With filters you set, their job application will go through, unobstructed by human error and not outdone by other candidates who’ll try to unfairly boost their credentials. You’ll be able to create a pool of purely talented and fitted applicants for the job.

5. Provide meaningful recruitment data. Finding and hiring applicants are not the only things that comprises the application process. How your company advertise such job openings is also an aspect. Optimizing job advertisement methodology will guide you on better decisions that will make you improve your bottom line.

An applicant tracking system is only a support system which will make your staff’s workload lighter. But nevertheless, it will not replace the skilled HR personnel in conducting interviews and judging the character of the applicant. Applicant tracking system will only help HR personnel to take care of the initial requirements faster.

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